Construction Office Trailers Providence Rhode Island

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Construction Office Trailers Providence Rhode Island

Construction Office Trailers Providence Rhode Island

If you’re looking for a functional workspace and you want to set it up quickly and easily, there’s no better option than today’s mobile office trailers; and while there are many opportunities to rent construction trailers, we’ve found that the majority of our customers have been glad they’ve gone the route of purchasing.

Our 40′ office storage combo units are perfect for the job that requires an office and storage space in the same location. These units are ground level and do not require the extra set up fees for blocking and steps. These units are outfitted with one desk and file cabinet, multiple double duplex receptacles, fluorescent lights, plan table, shelves, heat and A/C. The storage area is also equipped with double duplex outlets and pipe or shelf racks depending on your specific needs. Please call or contact our rental agent for pricing and other office trailers rental

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