Portable Classrooms For Sale Norman OK

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Portable Classrooms For Sale Norman OK

Portable Classrooms For Sale Norman OK

Mobile Modular offers the largest selection of well-maintained mobile offices/job site trailers in a wide variety of standard sizes and configurations saving you time and money. We also offer new and used portable office trailers for sale in a wide variety of sizes that can meet any of your needs quickly. They provide a perfect solution for managing projects at construction sites.

In analyzing the financial statements and tax returns, they are often different. The financial statements usually have more income and less expenses and the tax returns usually have less income and more expenses.(however, I have seen in some cases that the tax returns are also overstated in order to show a better net income when it comes time to sell or refinance a park. If by paying taxes on an additional 20k in taxes for a couple of years increases the value of the park by 200k then a real sophisticated and dishonest seller may be trying to pull a fast one. So be careful.

As my general rule when dealing with parks that are borderline but have the potential to increase in value and offer an acceptable return on investment by raising rents or reducing expense: I generally will add up to 50% of the value from these quick fixes to my offer on a park. So if I can increase the rates to market and reduce expenses and this increases the value of the park by 0,000, then I would consider adding ,000 to my offer price if necessary. After all, we should earn something from our expertise and doing what the owner could have done already.mobile office trailers for sale

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